Top 5 Video Stabilization Software for Windows in 2020


Remember finding the perfect setting and then doing crazy math calculations to figure out the ideal timing for capturing that one masterpiece of a video? With the advancement in technology, the video editing gods have blessed the world with quite a few technical innovations, one of which is the video stabilization software.

In laymen’s terms, video stabilization is the method through which you’ll be able to stabilize that shaky video in which your drunk cousin couldn’t stop dancing! Software that let you edit and support the blurry parts of videos are a dime a dozen, the core of a great video is finding a suitable stabilization software for your video. Any of the variety of programs in this list would serve as a fitting help for the Stabilization of videos.

The 5 Best Video Stabilization Software for Windows

The below listed are the five amazing and the best video stabilization software for Windows. One must use these software for once in 2020.

Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 serves as an easy to use interface for the beginner as well as pro-level video editing. Besides the handy stabilization features, Wondershare Filmora also provides the basic and advanced video formatting tools like adding your music, filters, graphics, overlays, as well as GIFs. It also allows you to export videos in any format you want, like MKV, MP4, WMV, etc., or you can burn the video onto a DVD, even upload to social media platform directly. To perform a simple stabilization procedure:

  • Import the video you want to stabilize
  • Drag the shaky target footage into the timeline
  • Select Stabilization in the options menu
  • Fine-tune it by reviewing it one last time
  • Save the stabilized video

And voila! Your video is now a well-furnished piece.

You can download Filmora Wondershare for a free trial or purchase it via its official website.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe is perhaps the most well-known name in video editing. From novice to professionals, everyone who is familiar with video editing and Photoshop comes across Adobe at least once in their lifetime. Stepping in the legacy of Premiere Pro, Adobe’s Premiere Elements provides excellent stabilization services. One of the most potent advantages of using premiere pro is that it is user-friendly; it is in terms of usage as well as pricing. Adobe Premiere Elements packs in some pretty exciting automation into its software. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Premier Elements yields in itself, a feature called Smart Trim, which automatically combines the best of your video’s scenes based on the style of your video. This, in itself, can create some pretty amazing clips. To stabilize your video via quick view in Adobe Premiere Elements:

  • Click Quick to switch to Quick View
  • Select the video clip and adjust the video
  • Click Shake Stabilizer. Based on your requirement click quick or detailed mode
  • You can click Cancel to process the frame and click Stabilize to start processing again.
  • If you want to stabilize the video via Expert view, click on Expert and repeat the steps are substituting Quick with Expert opinion and then proceed with the advanced settings like Motion, smoothness, and cropping to get the perfect video.

Get a copy of an Adobe Premiere here.

Pinnacle Studios

Pinnacle Studios is another professional video editing and stabilization software. It offers advanced features along with video stabilization. Perks like Motion tracking, Green screen effect, and Stop motion Animation would be surely suave your audience. This tool is available in three different versions, so its to be noted that not all features are available in all versions. Pinnacle Studios isn’t available for a free trial, so the purchase is necessary to use it.

  • The stabilizer feature works by expanding the size of your video clip.
  • Each frame is scanned for massive movement, and based on this. The structures are aligned to be still.

Get the latest Pinnacle Studios Software here

Movavi Video Editor

We’d be lying if we said Movavi wouldn’t be counted as the best video editors of all time. Sporting features like magic enhance background removal and audio normalization. It’s not far behind in being one of the best Stabilization software out there. A guide to steps in Movavi video stabilization is pretty simple.

  • Click Add Media Files in software’s Import Tab
  • Stabilize the video by dragging it through timeline and tapping the little shaky camera icon
  • Edit and save your video

This tool is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you’ll need to purchase a license.

Go to Movavi Video Editor’s site.

Windows Movie Maker

Lastly, Windows’ very own Movie Maker is the aptest program to end with. Supporting 50 different transition effects and 20 different visual effects, Windows Movie Maker makes a great editor and stabilizer for videos. For Stabilization, you have to choose between Anti Shake, Anti Shake and Wobble Correction (low), and Anti Shake and Wobble Correction (High). If you’re not sure about the setting you need, then you can always preview it to see the results. Steps for stabilizing the video are:

  • Upload the shaky video to the movie maker.
  • Select the shaky video selection on the program’s left-side section.
  • When the video to the stabilized is selected, the Video Tools will emerge on a ribbon. Click Edit and then Video stabilization Pick one from the options: Anti-shake and wobble correction-low, Anti-shake and wobble correction-high, and anti-shake.
  • Edit and save the video.

Try Windows Movie Maker

Final Words

Besides these, you might also want to check out tools like AVS Video Editor and Deshaker, after all, the best video stabilizer is the one that sits well with your mind as well as your hands!


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