6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Every Age Group in 2020


The service to share the screen is useful for both personal as well as professional use. Screen sharing means that one device can access the other connected on a local network. Also, if the IP address of a particular device is known and has permission to access, then it may be easily accessed. This feature of screen sharing has a lot of useful applications and is proving overwhelmingly valuable for our day-to-day lives.

The uses or applications may include solving some technical problems on other devices, giving a presentation to the members of the project that is, Industrial use, etc. Many other features are provided by this application at a few monthly fees. But if you don’t need this daily or you are not willing to buying this application then, many free and developed screen sharing apps can prove to be helpful to you. Let us see some of the most useful and advanced free screen sharing apps of 2020.

The 6 Best and Considerable Screen Sharing Apps to Use in 2020

Here is the list of six considerable screen sharing apps that one must use in 2020 as an alternative to the highly paid apps.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is one of the most trusted and free screen sharing apps for only personal use. This application comes with a pack of several features. The form can work well on many platforms that are readily available such as Windows, Android, Mac, etc. Also, the best thing about this app is that it is available in around 32 languages of the world. So, it is globally used. The not only screen can be shared on this app, but also songs that is, audio and video can also be shared from one device to another connected locally. Another important feature being that your complete desktop doesn’t need to get shared. If you don’t want your full desktop to be viewed then, you can also change the setting to show only a specific program. Team Viewer can also share all your docs, chats, etc. It is one of the best screen sharing apps in 2020.

Screen Leap

Screen leap is another such app that allows your screen to be shared with others. It is free to download but relies on Java for its functioning. If you are using the free version of this app, then you get two to three hours of sharing daily with a maximum limit of eight viewers. Many users get their work done within this period, but if you want more flexibility in the schedule, then the free version is not a good option for you to opt for. The supported system that is Java cannot work on Mac for some of the other security purpose, but some other applications do work on Macs. This app claims to be a ‘one-click share screen’ app. It claims that it requires only a single click to share the information after the installation of it. The participants receive a unique code and they can access the data after putting the system from any device including desktops, tablets, notebooks, etc.


Skype is an application that is most commonly known for video chatting with friends and family, but many of its users don’t know its full features. It can also be used as a screen sharing application. Earlier this service was provided on a paid basis by Skype but now, it has been made totally free for the users. Now, you can use this to send or receive files or for screen sharing with your group or individuals. If you are familiar with the video calls or chats of Skype since early, then try the feature of screen sharing and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Google Hangouts

Many of us have used Google in various forms of services. Also, Google Hangouts is one such service of Google that most of us people have already used it for video chats and calls. But, did you know that it also has the feature of screen sharing! Yes, Google Hangouts also provides the facility in which its users could share their screens with others. While the start of the Hangout call, users are given the option of screen sharing. This service is free to use, and the only things needed are the Hangouts app, which can be downloaded for free of cost and a Google account, which almost everyone has.


Mikogo is one of the applications that provides browser-based screen sharing service to its users. There is no need to get it downloaded; you can access it online from the browser you are comfortable to use. It is not a commercial app and can be used for personal use for meetings and conferences. It is available at almost all platforms, including Android devices, Desktops, etc.

Mingle View

This is another free service for screen sharing. It provides free and unlimited meetings, conferences, etc. over SSL and doesn’t require any prior configuration or anything of the kind. The application is secure to use but has only the disadvantage that it is only available for Windows users and not for Mac users.


These are some of the top applications of 2020 which can be used efficiently for sharing your screens with others.


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