Old Navy Credit Card | 7 Must Know Facts

Old Navy Credit Card

No matter which part of the world you live in, we’re all big on the “cashless” and go-digital campaign these days. Apart from being relatively easy to commute with, they also prevent us from near-certain robberies. Not to forget getting us out of tough spots when we’re running short on immediate dollars. But they are full of surprises. As surprising as everything cards offer is, their history can be pretty astonishing. It is, thus, always a welcome change to get to know them more closely. The one we’re going to try that attempt on is the old navy credit card.

No, it isn’t related to the actual navy in any way whatsoever. Not even close. It actually is a clothing brand based in the states, owned by the king of expensive but worth it clothing and apparels ‘Gap’.

old navy credit card
old navy credit card

After earning immense money and success in dressing people up in elegant clothes, they started to extend their domain. Hence when they started the Old navy credit card line, it was considered a huge jump. From the company’s point of view, a profitable jump. They doubled their gains by the move by targeting a product almost every individual owns or would love to own.

I have some incredibly must-be-remembered stuff about the old navy credit cards that I am pleased to share with you all.

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Want To Know the Old Navy Credit Cards In A Better Way? Read On To Do It

There is an intriguing factor in all things. The old navy credit cards are no different. There are more than a few things that have the potential of making you really curious. 

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Fond Of Travelling Abroad? Then You Should Pay Attention 

Are you a frequent traveler to London? Or do you love to fly off to India to get a taste of all the diversity? If you do, then I am sure it is more like a duty to get something as a souvenir for those at home in the states. Or even to settle your stay there, you might find it convenient to use your old navy credit cards. 

If you have ticked everything above, yes, you must be informed that you have to shell out a 3% part of your expenses. That can be considered fair considering all of what it offers, though some have you pay nothing for it.

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All Things Rewards On Old Navy Credit Card

It is no secret that some credit cards go outrageously extravagant with their rewards—trying to attract the customers by these heavy-duty benefits.

Do you, too, possess Old navy credit cards? Yes? Then you can earn one point on using them at a place that is up to accept any visa variant of the cards. Each dollar you shell out is eligible for it.

old navy reward
old navy reward

Now, as I told you, it is owned by a Gap clothing company, so if you happen to visit any of their outputs, you can earn five times for each dollar that you spend. Cool, right? Also, they don’t take more time than two billing cycles to process your winnings. That is swift, considering the brand and everything.

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Wish To Hoard Some Extra Points? Its a Cakewalk, really!

No kidding! You can get your hands on some extra miles on your old navy credit cards without moving a lot of your muscles. Step into the gap’s flagship stores and swipe your card to get yourself rewards.

You have to undertake the tasks they set out for their clients. It is nothing lengthy; just give out your working email to receive updates and avoid going for the paper bill. Doing just that will get half a thousand points to your name. If that isn’t attractive, I don’t know what it is.

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Seek Your Redemption

No, I am not referring to the moral redemption here. I am talking about creaming out your rewards. For the record, you can only get their benefits at the Gap stores (It is kind of obvious now) by swiping your old navy credit cards for good.

old navy
old navy

Let us calculate a bit now. You’ll get a 5 dollars to your credit when you become a proud 500 points owner. But there is a catch. Here is that, for one time, the max limit is like 50 dollars, which equates to 5000 points precisely. The amount could go up to 5 times that for one cycle.

Considering everything, I have to say their system is a little rigid.

Being Crowned A Navyist Using Old Navy Credit Card

As curious as the term is, you get the “Navyist” batch by the aid of your old navy credit cards after shelling some huge money. And getting 5k points to your credit. Now that equates with a lot of extravagances. So those points have a lot of boons dovetailing them.

For instance, you don’t have to pay for shipping expenses for the two leading brands and others like Banana that The Gap owns. Then you get a cut down of 20% on all that you order. But wait, there is more. You also get the alteration extras waived off and a helpline cut out, especially for your purpose.

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Help Yourselves and Save Trees By Going Paperless

I told you just now that paperless bills are a part of their task in crowning you the navyist. And let me tell you, it is all worthy of the hype.

old navy visa
old navy visa

Earning a 10 dollar bill has never been as easy as giving someone your email and opting out to go paperless on the billing front. The 10 dollars? Yeah, you get 1k points on your old navy credit cards that roughly translate to the amount.

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Don’t Get Tempted by Nil Yearly Charges On Old Navy Credit Card

One of those old navy credit card that spares you the hefty annual payment thingy. But it doesn’t really seem to need that with the sky-touching interest it charges you after each month goes by.

Not to forget that there is a minimum account that you have to shell out AND not to forget all the dollars you will be fined if you miss your paying your dues. All of that doesn’t leave any space for more charges.

If you want to go into numbers, then the monthly interest in like 28%, and you have to pay a min of 2 dollars, with charges for missing the dues standing at 39 dollars. So, yeah, do give it a thought before you apply for it. 

Furthermore, If you’re about to go get out some cash using the old navy credit card, STOP! Know that you’ll have to shell out good 10 dollars of 4% for that transaction.

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Well then peeps, these were some must-check-out points about the good old navy credit cards. So whether you like to know your card or are thinking of weighing the pros and cons before getting one, it should help you anyway.

Stay informed!

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