5 Best Networking Apps to Use in 2020


No human being can thrive in isolation. We love to engage and interact with each other. Thanks to the era in which we are alive, networking and engaging with people are possible with just a click. The platform that helps in connecting is social networking applications. With a worldwide reach, these applications have made it easier for individuals to engage with people who share similar aspirations and interests, thereby creating a mini-community amongst themselves.

The 5 Best Networking Apps to Use for an Interesting Social Life

Let’s dive into the list of best networking applications that have become an important part of our daily lives:


With around 1 billion users across the globe, Instagram has it all from eye-catching images to create visuals. It has given a voice and space to the creativity and talent of many young individuals by providing them a platform that can reach millions within seconds.

If you are a beauty, travel, lifestyle blogger, or a product-based business – Instagram is the place for you. You can market your brand by creating a business profile and analyze the reach of your posts through their Insights option. It provides you the opportunity to post a variety of content, starting from pictures, videos, stories to IGTV’s.

Moreover, Instagram keeps on adding new features to make it more engaging and entertaining for its users. It has also emerged as a source of inspiration for many, as people can follow their ideals and get motivated to create a better life for themselves.

Features of Instagram

  • Provides analytics of your posts to analyze the reach of your content.
  • Provides a platform for individuals to collaborate with brands.
  • See pictures, videos that may interest you in the Explore section.
  • Share pictures, videos, and go live to connect with your followers.
  • Direct messages


Facebook is the pioneer of social media, has made our lives more exciting and public. Since its inception, Facebook has completely revolutionized the way of connecting. You can post the happenings of your everyday lives on your feed by the idea of status, pictures, and videos and even chat with your friends using their standalone application Facebook Messenger.

You can also get your daily dose of news and information by following the pages of different influencers and even create your business page for branding purposes.

Apart from this, no matter in what business your company is, Facebook has a space for everyone. It provides a medium for businesses to promote their brand and products online using creative infographics and visuals.

Features of Facebook

  • Helps to publish the daily highlights of your life creatively.
  • Create events
  • Promote your business
  • Limit the content that is available for the general public.
  • Connect with long lost friends, families, and acquaintances
  • Message privately


With the advent of the internet, the scenario of Business networking has changed tremendously. LinkedIn has emerged as one of the best Social networking applications for business professionals around the globe, now available in 20 languages.

It provides a platform to its users to create profiles highlighting their skill sets and business background and allows others to search and find them for business purposes. It has brought the seekers and providers under the same roof. It also helps the users to limit the content on their profiles that they want to showcase publicly.

Eminent and influential executives often share their views on industry trends through their LinkedIn profiles.

Features of LinkedIn

  • Helps in finding employment opportunities.
  • Recruiting talent.
  • Post content and articles to capture the attention of professionals.
  • Follow some eminent professionals from the industry.
  • Provides a platform for businesses to network and promote their company.


With their ‘TWEET’ – a short message containing not more than 140 characters, Twitter has pioneered the delivery of news on Social media.

Twitter is used by individuals to express their views, feelings, emotions, and content with the world out there.

Individual businesses have thrived at Twitter, ranging from entertainment, music, sports, marketing, etc.

It allows the individuals to become part of an exciting conversation and present their views via jumping into threads. It also provides real-time news and info to its users- a feature that distinguishes twitter from other networking applications.

Features of Twitter

  • Follow influential people and know about their opinions, views, etc.
  • Get updates on recent trends and news.
  • Create threads of exciting conversations.


Pinterest allows users to visually and virtually bookmark/pin the content and posts they like.

You can save the posts and ideas that you like on your boards to take inspiration from them later on. Visually appealing and aesthetic posts thrive on Pinterest.

Want to get some outfit inspiration, creative DIY’s, cooking recipes, travel inspiration – Pinterest is the place for you showing you the best visual content from across the globe. You can even share your ideas with the world out there.

As 80% of the audience of Pinterest is female, brands whose audience is predominantly female can mark their presence on Pinterest to influence your target consumers.

Features of Pinterest

  • Get primary lifestyle inspirations
  • Discover brands, pins, people that you would like to follow.
  • Use the life hacks and bolts from your boards.


The applications mentioned above allow you to creatively engage with the community of your preference and create a platform to share your views and beliefs comfortably.

Social media is still growing at a furious pace, with hundreds of applications being served to us daily and amazing us with their different elements.



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