How To Choose A Credit Card [Complete Guide]

How To Choose A Credit Card

If people were asked today what the most essential thing for them to stay alive is, more than 90% will stay its money. If we consider that truth, then all matters related to money should be handled like your life depends upon it. But shockingly enough, that isn’t the case, but rather the very opposite. Most of us have no FDs, no investments, nothing kept for a rainy done. Just unending bills and Starbucks receipts. So we decided to walk you through the process of how to choose a credit card.

Let me tell you something which is even more bizarre. People just wake up one day, rub their eyes, and say, “Hey, I think I need a credit card.” If not exactly like that, it is not too far from reality. Maybe a potential reason is they don’t know how to choose a credit card. So they don’t do any research, or perhaps they don’t think it matters. 

credit card
credit card

People, it DOES matter, ALOT in fact. There prevail many inside facts that need to be checked out, which you give the “how to choose a credit card” question a thought.

It is never just about carrying that plastic thing in your pocket like you have a shoulder chip. Because when you’re managing your expenses in credit, you have to be on your toes. Keep track of what goes where, how-to, and when to pay for what, to say the least.

Now, although there aren’t any hard and fast rules relating to it. But then there are always some good and bad practices that keep your right on the track. You’d do well to go on according to them. 

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Bewildered About All Things Credit Cards? Here Is A Little Something On How To Choose A Credit Card

The internet is flooded about all that you should bear in mind whilst deciding on a credit card to take possession of. As the sites, these days are laden with so-called “tech-gurus”. A lot on how to choose a credit card is being shared on Google.

credit card confusion
credit card confusion

Even on smaller pages on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. So people are not short on options. But giving an ear to the right advice is as important as taking action. So I have gathered some insight into what can help you and what isn’t likely to.

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A Little Knowledge On How To Choose A Credit Card

Here is some most-likely-to-help information that I have scoured from the internet.

Know The Limit

If you have owned a card for quite some time now. You’d have quite a fair idea about the credit card limit. But that is not the case; it is the maximum amount we can pay using that particular card. The credit limit varies in accordance with the card you own, who your issuer is, the bank, how good your reputation is, etc.

So while you shuffle around deciding how to choose a credit card, I suggest you figure how much you’re going to spend, and get one that permits your kind of expenses. Otherwise, what is the point?

credit card choice
credit card choice

Do I even need to explain why this is so so important? Well, let’s see, if you can’t get off your head whatever is due to you, after the decided time, then you’ll be in debt down to your waist. So for first-timers, and someone who is not revered for being responsible should just avoid applying for the ones with hefty payments.

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Watch The Cost

Sometimes, as part of the creative selling policy, what they do is cut off things like visible expenses, but they do make you pay a sum yearly. As hefty as that sum may initially sound to you, it a covers up with the kind of offers, bonuses, etc. that dovetail it.

They may comprise loads of stuff like cut down costs at restaurants, less expensive items at grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Some of the others come bearing substantially high-end rewards like entry to exclusive and otherwise very costly, even inaccessible airport lounges.

So please do a thorough study of what entails the card before you lay your hands on it. While we get the hang of how to choose a card. IF you’re a frequent traveler abroad, make sure that you decide on the card, which does not make you pay a thing when involving in transactions abroad.

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Never Settle

It’d be very beneficial while we come at a result of how to choose a credit card question. Don’t get excited and go for the first card you see. Keep your options open. Explore your options.

But most of all, remember what you’re looking for. And decide on the card that provides you all that you’ve been looking for. There are cards for people who love to travel. Those who love to eat out, or those who fly off at the first chance they get. 

credit cards
credit cards

All of them are tailor-made for the customers’ choice. So if you’re clear enough about what you need, picking a card out of the stack should not be a big deal for you.

For instance, if your bills at American Grocery stores always invite frowns and dirty gazes, then go for Amex’s blue cash card, as it provides vast cash back after you have shelled out a fixed amount.

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Credit Over Debit, Always!

I’ve seen many people opting for a debit card instead of getting them the master of deferred payments. The reason what I have deduced is that they’re afraid of all sorts of payments, and the term ‘credit’ often suffices to freak anyone out.

But, while we learn how to choose a credit card, I’ll say it; obviously, we have to consider everything while we’re at it. When misplaced or in a theft or robbery, debit cards can be hard pieces of plastic to deal with. 

That is not the case with their counterparts, as they deal with deferred payments. So it is easier for the banks to cooperate.

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Don’ts On How To Choose A Credit Card

Now is the part where I tell you what NOT to do. Pay extra attention because while we learn how to choose a credit card, we don’t want to get in any sort of trouble, right?

Skipping Your Pay-Up Day

The first lesson for you to learn by heart whilst you learn how to choose a credit card is to NEVER. I repeat, never miss the days when you’re paying your decided bills. We all love pay-days but dread it dearly when it is time to clear up our card bills. I speak from experience.

But it is inevitable, and it is considered bad practice to try to run from it just to save some pounds. The consequences can be harsh. Not paying up can damage your reputation. So you’d be suspected every time you go and ask someone for a loan or anything on credit.

If you’ve got a shaky memory, set up reminders, or tell your best friend to remind you. Whatever works for you.

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Don’t Be Too Extravagant With Your Card.

Not to be nosy or anything, I’m saying it as it is the next thing you learn while knowing the basics of how to choose a credit card. Now you must be thinking how it is of anyone’s business how much I spend If I don’t have anything pending to pay?

Well, as they’re responsible for issuing you the tool, that kind of makes it their business. And they see those who spend all of their limits in a very irresponsible and mistrustful light.

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Towards the end of the article, that aids you all to learn how to choose a credit card, whether you’re a fresher in the credit card degree. Or you’ve graduated and carry a stack of them in tow. Each one specializing in a different field. Go on then, read on, extract whatever information you want, and add a credit card to your wallet.

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