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If you are considering to opt for a Credit Card service, you might want to take into consideration the GAP Credit Card. This card is one among the most used cards in America. If you are looking for an option to build up your credit score, a Credit Card service is a must. 

The GAP Card is one of the few cards you might find that is a mediator between the Credit Card issuer and the clothing retailer. So, if you are a shopaholic, this is one of the best options that are out there. And of course, if you regularly shop from GAP stores, you might want to take advantage of this facility. For you can now save more with the help of this Credit Card!

The well-known Synchrony Bank services this card. So, there is no basis to worry about anything!

We have put forward some important things you should know about this card. This is so that you have enough knowledge about the card before you opt for its services. Also, if you are a traveler check our 4 Best Travel Credit Cards.

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Read on to find out!

Types of Gap Cards

Indeed, there are types of Credit Cards that are offered by GAP. One of the GAP Visa Card is for the new members, while the other one is the silver card. 

GAP Credit Card

This GAP Credit Card gives you 5 points for every dollar you spend at Gap Inc. brands. You will get a reward of 5 dollars for every 500 points that you earn. One of the benefits is that you can redeem these rewards at any GAP Inc. brand. There is not yet any annual fee that is charged on the GAP Credit Card services that you use.

gap credit card
GAP Credit Card

You can also get bonus points for shopping if you utilize this card. And of course, this is one of the most trustable Credit Cards you can use – there is zero fraud liability. Apart from that, you also will get a surprise birthday present!

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GAP Silver Credit Card

The services for both the GAP Silver Credit Card and the GAP Credit Card are quite similar.

gap silver card
GAP Silver Card

In addition to the benefits above, members with the Silver Card can choose their own sale days. Amazing, isn’t it? They can also enjoy the benefit of free 3-5 day shipping on GAP Inc. online order with code MYCARD. Furthermore, there are 20% bonus points for each quarter! There is a free basic alteration on Banana Republic purchases too. And, This is not all; there is even a priority cardmember hotline number for silver card users! A person can qualify for the Silver card after he or she earns 5000 points.

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GAP Inc., Visa Card

Another type of card is a GAP Inc., Visa Card. This also has something similar to the one above. They provide new member cards and Silver Cards here as well. Other than the benefits mentioned above, there are two additional benefits provided for both types of members. These members get 1 point for every $1 they spend outside GAP Inc. brands. Also, Visa cardmembers get special offers and promotions.

gap visa card
GAP Visa Card

Note that the new members will get only these two additional features. They will not get the 20% bonus points, sale day options, and other extra things that the Silver member gets. These two additional features are added to the seven existing features.

There is no requirement for any receipts when you are opting for any returns!

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Costs and Fees

Before you choose to take up the GAP Credit Card, you must get the hang of the expenses you might encounter. 

First, let us talk about the GAP Credit Card. The regular Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with this card is 25.99% variable. However, there are no cash advances APR applicable here. Additionally, there is no foreign transaction fee that is applicable. The late fee can go up to $39.

gap visa card costs and fees
costs and fees

For the GAP Visa Credit Card, the regular APR is 25.99% variable – the same as the above. Although, there is a Cash Advance APR of 28.49% that is variable. You might also get a 3% foreign transaction fee. Here, the late fee also extends up to $39.

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You have finally come at the end of this GAP Credit Card review. There are a few things you must note before making a decision.

If you are a person who is obsessed with GAP, then it makes sense to take up this facility. In case you are a regular buyer of the apparels provided by them, you might as well take up the Visa card. The amount of benefits that you earn are extremely high. Also, it makes sense for a regular buyer to take up the Visa service.

However, you might want to reconsider taking up the GAP Credit Card for a number of reasons. First, you might want to think about the late fee charges. They are extremely strict about the late fee. They do not generally take into account any excuses for late payments. Also, since it is a service that is provided by Synchrony bank, you know that they are not very well-versed with customer service. In case you encounter any problems, you might be in deep trouble.

Overall, this Credit Card service is one for the rich. A middle-class man should not opt for this service. It will be like digging up your own grave. Opt for it only after you read the terms and conditions of this card. You can read more about the best credit cards in 2020 to take a smarter decision. 

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