Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have some questions about the credit card generator. Or just anything about credit cards in general. Down here are a few standard questions regarding it. If your query is among them, well and fine, if not, you can always reach out to us via the comments section. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Why should I use a credit card?

There are a many different reasons to use a credit card. We will list a few of these down here –

Security against fraud

A cardholder is safe from fraudulent activity when the plastic money is in use. Why? Because the issuer monitors all transactions, you make. Hence, a verification code is always sent to make sure only you can pay using the card. No one else can make online transactions using your card, even if it gets stolen. If someone steals your cash, well, it’s gone. Such is not the case with credit cards. You can also block them if you think it’s lost or stolen. That way, all transactions get restricted on that card. You can apply for a new one.


Indemnity is one of the most important advantages of plastic money. In other words, insurance. Every card company offers a wide range of insurance policies on all cards. These include a warranty on products, travel insurance, cell phone insurance, and so much more. A lot of the time, holders do not even know that they can avail such important stuff.

Easy to access

The flexibility and comfort credit card provides second to none. No need for liquid cash to fatten your wallet anymore. Just a thin plastic card. Apart from that, an option to withdraw money from the bank is yet another advantage. You can withdraw a fixed amount provided that you return it on a fixed date.

Further, exciting discounts and offers are always available if you pay using a card. Even if you carry cash, it is bound to run out. A credit card comes to your rescue at that point. 

A recorded statement of your activity

The bank issuer will always keep a comprehensive statement of all your financial actions. Any disparity will immediately stand out and can get instantly solved. Such a statement is available to the customer at any moment they want it. A debit card, on the other hand, makes it challenging to maintain a proper list of transactions. Although using modern technology, that is easy too.

How do I know which card issuer is best for me?

All companies incentivize people using a lot of promos and offers. They vary in all regards. Hence, the only way to find your perfect issuer is to study all terms and conditions thoroughly. Some issuers offer reduced rates of interest. And since in the end you only have to use the card, only you can know what company is the best for you.

How does the bank verify I’m making the purchase?

Online transactions using a card are extremely safe. Why? Because of the Card Verification Value. The CVV is a three-digit code that verifies the authority of the card. Where can you find it? On the rear end of your plastic money. It is found in all types of cards to verify authenticity. Apart from AMEX cards, all have CVV as three-digit. AMEX is the sole company that uses four-digit ones. That code is known as CVV2, for obvious reasons.

How does your credit card generator tool work? 

Our credit card generator works as good as any official company. All the fake numbers are generated using the exact same methodology as other major card issuers. It is a fairly simple process. We just have to put particular prefixes to all fakely produced numbers. These prefixes are a part of the real cards too. 

Luhn’s law is also abided by perfectly. The algorithm is fundamental in generating new cards. If you implement the algorithm, you, too, can make your fake card numbers. But our credit card generator does the work for you. Since our credit card generator makes cards based on it, they will always be valid.

What do you mean by Luhn’s law? Is it something from the constitution?

No, no! There is no politics involved here. Luhn’s law is simply an algorithm to produce unique and valid card numbers. All major companies use that only to give you the cards. Without being nerdy, let me explain what the algorithm states. In short, the algorithm utilizes the digits in the sequence to calculate a checksum. If the checksum is in range with the values allowed by the algorithm, the card is valid. That checksum concludes the card number. 

Hence, when any card validator scouts that number, it calculates the checksum on it’s own. If it matches the original value, voila! The card is unique and valid. We use that technology in our credit card generator. Hence, all cards are valid. Zero errors!

Valid credit card? What do you mean by that? 

A valid credit card number is the one that follows all rules and conditions of Luhn. Don’t worry; your credit card is most probably valid.

When used along with the Luhn algorithm, the tool will produce 100% valid card sequences. They will get through any validation process you put them through. You can even use our credit card validator tool to check it yourself. But the address, expiry date, CVV, etc. are purely random. They hold no real value. If you wish, you can even utilize our validator tool for assurance. 

What use do I have of a fake credit card?

A lot of people usually have privacy issues that hinder them from using their actual plastic money. 

Sometimes, a website prohibits further access without entering card credentials beforehand—also, most of the services that offer a no-cost trial demand card information to proceed.

That is where our credit card generator will come in handy. You can bypass all checks and gain free trials and access websites again.

Can I purchase my favorite dress using the fake card?

Stop! None of the cards generated here have any value or money linked to them. So, no, you can’t buy anything off of them. These cards are just dummies for verification and testing plans.

In conclusion

We hope we cleared any of your doubts today. These were some standard questions. If you still have questions apart from these, feel free to contact us via the comments section.