Top 5 Eye Exercise Apps for Improving Your Vision


Have you ever imagined how much we might have faced a predicament due to a lack of proper vision?

Yeah, it seems to be a trial. So these cases make us understand how important is it to take care of our eyes. And in these busy days of 9 to 5 working hours, people are seldom getting time to take care of their selves. Taking this as a significant lead, apps such as eye care apps have come into a more comprehensive insight. Their main intention is to ponder all the considerable needs of the public at their feet. In this flow, there has been a reasonably good market for these apps.

The 5 Best Eye Exercise Apps for an Improved Vision

Recently according to Dr. Hoff, a survey was conducted on these eye care apps. And it picked the 5 best eye care apps that have very well fulfilled the needs. Let’s know a little more about how these came into light.

Eye Test – Eye Exam

Firstly, Eye Test-Eye Exam was listed as the best app. Designed by specialists in Opthalmology, it offers a free and straightforward platform to test your vision effortlessly with your android device. One adding point to its easy formula is because it can be used with or without putting on eyeglasses or contact lenses. This app renders assistance wherein you can check generally arising issues such as myopia, hyperopia, and also astigmatism. Not only these, but it was also amplified to detect blindness and color perception disturbances, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many more. This ease of advice-seeking helps this app to come into consideration.

Eye Exercises – Eye Care Plus

Being one of the prime apps, it categorizes more at assisting with different training exercises, making you feel that you have a personal trainer or a motivator. It offers over 50 training exercises grouped in 10 different categories. In here, one can create one’s daily optimized training schedule, or oneself can also opt from one of those seven pre-designed plans. These exercises aim at improving common eye problems irrespective of where one dwells.

Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises

It is more user-friendly, and it brings forth a chance to shield your eye health daily. So basically, whenever you feel your eyes are strained, you need to open the app and get your self revived with a few exercises. We got this pause option too, which helps us to recapitulate the exercise after some time. This app does not need any learned to operate. Instead, it has activities that can be started with just a tap, and also it guides you through videos and pictures for better comprehension.

Bluelight Filter – Eye Care

Addiction to mobile phones has been a significant problem nowadays. And this, in return, damages the proper functioning of the eye. The reason for this is the blue light emitted by the screen. This problem, when faced continuously, can lead to blurry vision, eye fatigue, headaches, back and neck pain, and others. So this app provides us with filters that can reduce the amount of these harmful lights reaching the eye, it has five different filter colors, and also we can customize their strength accordingly. Finally, it is a free app and no commitments.

Hit it!

One may think that spending time on such annoying apps would be useless, for such mindsets Hit it!- a game was devised. To describe it shortly, it is all about speed and swift fingers. These games are simple, we have to tap the circles that appear on the screen, but the only concern is about speed. Points earned are based on how fast one touches them. In case you miss many in a line, then you are out if the game. This app has brought in a new idea to improve hand coordination and also eye-motor reflex skills. In the middle, the game takes diversion and hops into providing you with a 5 minute quick eye exercise in case you need one.


So these apps create an easy way to exercise your eyes within no time and also easily accessible. But still, no app can replace a piece of expert advice. It is better to prevent than to face severe issues at a later stage!



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