List of 3 Best Credit Cards for No Credit | 2020

credit cards for no credit

In the hustle and bustle of today’s life oftentimes, a person might face the necessity of owning a credit card. The sad part is, though, they might not have any experience or history with it. Hence, no major card company willingly provides them any rewards. And especially credit cards for no credit.

For such people procuring a card itself is a difficult deed. That is where we come in to assist you. We provide the following comprehensive list of the top credit cards for no credit. Lacking a credit history, it is almost impossible to get promising perks in that field. You could find yourself stuck around the weaves of offices, signatures, as well as documents. We hate for you living in such a tedious feat! The list below is made with you in our minds, as you will see later, award after the cardholder expends. They also have reduced interests and fewer prices than all rivals out there.

Why Should You Get A Credit Card For Yourself?

  • It provides security against online fraud
  • Multiple enticing rewards on all occasions where money spends
  • Provide extreme convenience in case of lack of cash at hand
  • A well-documented bill statement will always show when and where you spent your credit
  • Promising prospects to increase your credit score
  • Money remains safe, as it is not associated by any bank 
  • In case of loss of the card, blocking is always an option. That way, no one performs unauthorized transactions from the plastic money.

Are you convinced yet? We yearn that these bullets have convinced you because plastic money hands you an ocean full of perks and privacy, which is why we bring you the credit cards for no credits.

How To Get Plastic Money Without Card History?

We know, it is a very tight catch-22 situation. Plastic money is a must to construct a credit score. But to acquire a good enough credit card, you require a good enough credit score. Yeah, it’s messy. But we are here to rescue you. Our list will provide you with the best credit cards for no credit that have the best benefits among any others. So, if you are above 18 years of age and able to repay monthly, you are good to go!

Points To Note While Selecting Your Favorite Credit Card For No Credit

  • Rewards – Cards providing the best rewards should be selected. But sometimes it could promote overspending. Hence, be sure to control that urge.
  • Limit – A card limit is what will keep you in check. Thus, a limit on the lower side is better for a higher credit score.
credit cards
Credit Cards
  • Annual Percentage Rate – It will not matter if you pay on time. Yet it is better to be safe and look for lower APR to avoid enormous delay charges.
  • Pricing – Of course, you need a card that does not empty your wallet even before you have made a purchase. Hence, make sure your card does not have too many additional fees like maintenance or service, etc.

A lot of stuff is still more to keep your eye out for. Plastic money with a mixture of these advantages will help you.

Our Top Picks For 2020 | Credit Cards For No Credit

The following comprehensive list is for all the plastic money newbies! Follow along!

Green Dot Visa Gold credit card

When a new person enters the credit industry, they get wrongly charged. That won’t happen here, the foremost credit cards for no credit. Amongst every card we researched, it had the smallest APR of all.

green dot visa gold credit card
Green Dot Visa Gold credit card

Apart from that, rating charges are always rigid. Hence, no tension in fluctuating markets ever! It also does not check anything score of credit during the application. It’s actually a cakewalk to procure positive credits to improve your numbers. The sole drawback is the yearly prices – They are quite high. It charges $49. Apart from that, it is overall a recommended option.

Wells Fargo College Cash Back

It is probably one of the best credit cards for no credit. It provides a very delicious offer of 0% APR for the first half a year. Even after six months, the rates are very affordable and attractive. Students will find the best use of it. Why? It will provide daily rewards for everyone.

wells fargo college cash back
Wells Fargo College Cash Back

The main highlight is that it demands zero annual fees whatsoever. Further, students have a chance to start making credit progress while in college. That is a very big head start. The negative side of the card is that you need to have an account with Wells Fargo prior to the application. It also demands foreign transaction taxes. So, you incur extra charges to spend overseas.


Surely our most recommended credit cards for no credit. Yearly charges are nil. Further, delayed payments do not incur extra fines. It provides a 2% return each billing done on Apple Pay. Many rewards are received on Apple Stores and for payments on iPhones.

apple card

It has one of the lowest APRs ever. Further, Apple’s online tools will educate on the effects of usage on credit score. That way, you can spend responsibly. All purchases will never have a waiting period. But apart from all the right things, since it is an Apple card, non-Apple users have just the typical ordinary benefits.

How To Procure These Types Of Cards?

Online application through self-explanatory forms is very common. You are generally demanded to enter your wages, housing data, and other necessary personal info. Providing a social security number is mandatory. Hence, keep it ready while you start filling for the credit cards for no credit.


Those were our selected gems for the cards to own if you don’t have a credit history. Credit cards for no credit are very beneficial and can aid in tough times.

That’s it from us today. Still, have queries? Communicate with us in the comments section. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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