7 Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit Holders {2020}

credit cards for bad credit holders

Here we’re going to see Credit Cards For Bad Credit Holders. We have heard how you should tread lightly with a credit card. How, despite all of the shiny perks, being extravagant could backfire. And so it does happen to many people, they don’t clear their bills, more than a few times, or max out on their cards, which leads to the downfall of their credit. 

And when they can no longer acquire a standard card, they can’t figure out how to go about the whole thing. Well, I know it can be frustrating and confusing, but I’ve listed some credit cards for bad credit holders. They can help you just like the conventional ones, minus the eye-catching top-ups, but the silver lining? You can take a breath and focus on getting your credit up from the ground, thus stepping back into the game.

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Check These Credit Cards For Bad Credit Holders

If you’re fighting with any of the above problems, picking out one of these credit cards for bad credit holders could lift a right amount of weight off your chest.

Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card

Ok, so you must be surprised to see a card in the list of credit cards for bad credit holders with the one that says “unsecured” in the name. Because most of them falling under that umbrella are secured.

total visa credit card
total visa credit card

But the one is a worthy inclusion. Not that there is an exception when it comes to the perks parts. But the fact that there isn’t any upfront security thingy is a sort of perk in itself. Going on, it offers you a hefty 300 dollars of the credit limit, along with the fact that there are no background checks beforehand.

Also, they won’t make you pay a sum if your card is miskept or steals it. 

Get your card here:Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card

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DCU Premium Platinum Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit Holders  

Clearing the term secured means that you’ve to leave a certain amount with the issuing body before taking one of the credit cards for bad credit holders. So you have to pay like half a thousand dollars, all before you can start with the card.

dcu premiun credit card
dcu premiun credit card

But a feature that is not like most cards is that it does not charge a single penny for anything related to traveling abroad. So you can roam around anywhere and everywhere, even with lousy credit baggage on your shoulder.

Another unique yet attractive point, it works well in tandem with Gray, Paytm, Apple pay, etc. But yes, it does have a heavy monthly thing that needs to be cleared, which is around 14%.

Get your card here: DCU Premium Platinum Credit Card

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Secure Visa Credit Card 

Another one of the credit cards for bad credit holders devised especially for the same. So obviously there is no leniency when it comes to the extras. Getting into the crucial details makes you responsible for 22% of interest, at the end of every 30/31 days.

Visa seured
Visa secured

A little relief is, they don’t go to the length of cross-checking your past transactions, as you don’t know what they’ll deem unfit. Coming to the annual thing, it is like 9 dollars, but you to pay it for only one year. Just that once. Talking about silver linings.

Get your card here:Secure Visa Credit Card

Discover It secured

One of the best credit cards for bad credit holders, hands down! It offers everything they say a card meant for a poor reputation won’t give you. But of course, only after you keep a certain sum with the issuer, which in the case is 200 dollars.

discover it secured
discover it secured

Where it is the matter of much-wanted prizes, as they make up a good part of earnings, you’ll be able to cash a generous 2% after every three months, when the amount is a grand and above. It’ll be applicable in food joints and gas stops.

Topping all of that, none of those yearly expenses, just 23% of the ones you pay every month. That too will be a very nominal 11% for the first half of the year.

Get your card here :Discover It secured

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Indigo Platinum MasterCard

The Mastercard by Indigo makes up another of the credit cards for bad credit holders, and a perfect one. You can apply for it in advance as well to increase your odds of acceptance. The process itself is quite a breeze, I’ve read.

indigo mastercard
indigo mastercard

To top that, they’ll grant you a card even if you’re bankrupt. Though it does not spare the 25 or 26 dollars, you have to pay when each month comes to an end. There is another thing; it covers you up in case something happens with the card. Pretty Impressive!

But what peps the whole thing up for me is, it allows you to do your account related deeds on your cellphone, from your own comfortable space. 

Get your card here :Indigo Platinum MasterCard

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Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card

Another brand offers top-notch credit cards for the bad credit holders, the range of services as extensive as they could be. Obviously, by now, you can guess for yourself that there is a fixed deposit to be kept with the issuer. I feel like the whole thing is like that age-old mortgaging. Anyway, the decided amount here is 200 dollars, but you have to shell out those much dreaded 35 dollars after a year.

opensky credit card
opensky credit card

The card has a terrific reputation to live up to, as the company claims the majority of their clients ended up getting their creditworthiness back. And a shocker for you, the interest has got me thinking! It’s like 18%, I mean, whoa!

Get your card here: Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card

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Capital One Secured Mastercard

Mastercard by Capital is one of the credit cards for bad credit holders, is made of everything nice. To make your journey back to glory an even nicer one. Ok, so it offers variants of amounts you might wish to give the issuer. They are 49 dollars, 100 dollars, and 200 dollars. You can take your pick.

capital one
capital one

Whenever you are done with that first-ever deposit, you’ll get a 200 dollars as an appreciation. The interest is recorded to be 27 dollars, paid as every month comes to an end.

Like some others, it also prioritizes your comfort hence equipping you with maintaining your account online, even on-the-go.

Get your card here :Capital One Secured Mastercard

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What say? Are you going to get credit cards for bad credit holders for yourself? Can’t always stay regretting our extravagancies now, can we? So figure out carefully which one could suit you. Try getting one which costs you the least. And You’re good to go.

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