5 Amazing Call Tracking Software You Should Know About


Callrail provides proof to businesses. Over 150,000 companies look for them for the insights they need to grow. From tracking calls to website form submissions, it’s all-in-one platform takes the hassle out of reporting with a single source of the truth for marketing ROI. It is perfect for marketing agencies, data-driven marketers, multi-location businesses, small business owners, and anyone who cares about calls.

With call scribe activated, users can quickly review call transcriptions and set some rubs to tag a call, when the agent or customer spoke certain words. Users can also create custom reports to view requests and to view the data they have for the client or campaign.

Callrail pricing starts at $45.00 per month.


PhoneWagon provides robust voice and SMS tools to help the marketers and their clients increase revenue. PhoneWagon is a beautiful, easy-to-use call tracking software that allows digital marketing agencies. Well, 93% of businesses rely on phone calls to convert leads into paying. It provides a complete picture of all the call tracking metrics, including the outcome of the phone call. 

PhoneWagon provides an in-built and easy-to-use dashboard that anyone can understand and navigate. With a click of a button, you can search for any area code and add a phone number. They offer international phone numbers in over 80 countries. Their simple dashboard allows you to search for a phone number by country and area code too. Other than small businesses and marketing agencies, they also work with a variety of industries like accounting, legal, home services, medical, and wellness. All their plans include unlimited usage.

Phonewagon pricing starts at $10.00 per month.


Crazycall is ago-to software if you want to build a reliable helpline. Inbound Calls, which are offered by Crazycall will give the customers a better way of solving the issues more effectively and by answering the calls on time. Having an inbound call center is crucial to every industry. The contact solution allows agents to answer the phone calls without closing the browser. An Inbound call center will help you with some tasks like service, support, orders, customer care, and other clients.

The auto-dialer services provided by Crazycall are beneficial. This allows reaching more customers in less time by automating outbound calls. Auto-scheduling and setting time between calls will help your agents way better. Equipping your sales team with a click to call widget that works with your CRM, will make efforts on making instant calls by merely clicking phone numbers and closing deals faster.

Crazycall pricing starts at $11.00 per month.


Convirza is the first enterprise call tracking and cell optimization platform. They optimize marketing with advanced call tracking, analytics, and post-call automation. Tracing calls is the best practice that measures consumer behavior before and during phone calls. Organizations find marketing advantages when tracking calls. Call tracking is eventual for any that relies on phone calls and wants to increase call volume and revenue.

Convirza Convirza software lets you record the call and available within minutes on the marketing dashboard. You can see all your details and know precisely which add and campaign trigger the phone call. You can also listen to the call recordings while reviewing the cell details. These call recordings are available forever and downloadable at any time. You can review the recorded business calls quickly. Convirza is known for its call analytics. It was created for the marketers, who need a detailed phone call insides. It not only gives the call analysis but also provides feedback on it.

Convirza pricing starts at $29.00 per month.


Ringba serves hundreds of markets, which include insurance, sales, solar, travel, software, legal, medicine, finance, and more. It is the ultimate call tracking and analytics platform for marketers, call centers, and agencies. They are changing how businesses connect with customers. Ringba empowers enterprises to take complete control over their call flow and drastically improve their written on investment.

Ringba’s on-demand global access gives you instant telecommunications network access to connect with consumers in over sixty countries. They have a brilliant call routing, which can achieve the maximum yield across all of your advertisement channels with automatic call routing. Ringba gave unparalleled analytics and reporting on your data, which will help with your competitors. They offer call tracking interactive voice response recall time ping-tree, Whitelabel instant caller profile.

Ringba’s pricing starts at different prices. They offer basic, premium, enterprise (which we can customize the price based on need) plans.

Cloud Talk

Cloud Talk as we talked about big companies and big agencies and also prominent marketers. But, cloud talks helps small and medium businesses set up and run phone systems from all around the world. Cloud Talk, you can maintain a local presence with an interaction phone number and run your call center from anywhere in the world. Cloud Talk will fully adapt to your needs with your several busy agents and handle phone calls and the size of your business.

Cloud Talk offers native integration with the most popular CRM’s, help desks and business tools like pipe drive, has spots, salesforce, zen office, and more. You can see your callers CRM information in cloud talk with their to-way sync solutions. They use some advanced call center analytics, which will improve your communication with customers and help your team with real-time analytics. You can make sure to receive calls from your browser or mobile apps, no matter where we go. Cloud Talk comes to you as an inbound call center, as a call center for your sales, as your business phone system. Based on two hundred reviews on six independent software marketplaces and platforms, it is rated one of the best call tracking software.

Cloud Talk pricing starts at $15.00 per month.


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