Bin Checker – Check, Verify, And Validate Your BIN

In the world today, you can never be too careful while dealing with credit cards. We continuously hear frauds and scams happening in online transactions. Hence you have to check all your banking apparatus regularly. That includes the BIN code in your card number. That is precisely what our BIN checker does.

Do you want to avoid frauds when shopping online? Or maybe you want to reassure your card details? You have come to the right place. Our BIN checking tool is one of the best in the business. Any and every detail you want, you can get it in a matter of seconds.

BIN || Breaking It Down

We all have, at some point in time, used credit cards. They are a thin sheet of plastic. On top, there is your name, expiry date, and a long sequence number. That sequence contains the ever-important Bank Identification Number.

A BIN is a very important aspect of validating a card number. Earlier it was IIN or Issuer Identification Number. When you look at your credit card, it is easy to identify the BIN. The foremost 4 to 6 digits are what constitutes the BIN. There are strict rules and policies that guide how these BINs get numbered. That policy is the ISO/IEC 7812. It has guidelines all banks need to follow while generating cards. Our BIN checking tool follows the instructions to find the details of your banking authority. 

Why Is BIN In Use?

With BIN, you can make out most of your bank details. All information like the category of card, issuing institution, card brand, and the country is freely available. Hence, it is of utmost importance in the prevention of fraud and malicious behavior. That happens by comparison of card details to look for security breaches. Hence, our BIN checker tool will help you tighten your card security.

How Does BIN Even Work?

It is a simple process. Our BIN checker tool follows the following industry standards to a tee. Hence, it is one of the best.

A BIN divides into segregations. Each segregation denotes a different detail. For instance, the first digit in any BIN is always the MII. What is MII? Well, it is the Major Industry Identifier. It displays what type of industry the card is applicable. That includes financial, airline, healthcare, and much more. Our BIN checker will display the MII with 100 percent accuracy.

The latter digits help the system to identify the other details. These details will also be displayed accurately by our BIN checking tool. That way, any vendor can rapidly know what bank, what country, and what card category it is. Hence, if they want, they can verify the details with the bank branch instantly after the transaction.

How Does the BIN Authorize These Details?

The system scans the BIN and identifies the bank. That way, the bank can now send an authorization request to the bank. It asks whether the card has enough amount and if the card is actually valid. That has implications as to whether the transaction gets denied or approved.

What Does a BIN Checker Do?

Clearly, some way of personally verifying these bank details is crucial. That is exactly where our BIN checking tool comes in. It will provide you everything you need to know about the bank linked to your card. Everything from the bank branch to the date of the issue is available. 

Provided that you have access to your card number, every bit of information is available to you. Our BIN checking tool applies advanced technologies to give out 100 percent accurate results.

Obviously, if an important transaction is in process, we recommend that you call your bank directly. We must say that we assume no liability in case data contains errors.

Is the BIN Checker Tool Any Good? || Few Important Features

Still not impressed? Fine! You do not have to take our word for it! Let’s give you some features that provide our BIN checker tool the edge –

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Need more proof that our tool is among the best? These are some bullets we fired at you!

  • The BIN checker, with no hidden cost, is completely free.
  • Can check as many BIN numbers as you need
  • Details will co-relate with the bank exactly
  • Can provide a huge amount of details in a matter of seconds
  • Details include every kind of fine information. Everything from the issuing country to the issue date is visible.
  • Can use the BIN checking tool for any purpose without questions. Accessing websites, shopping at Amazon or Flipkart, etc.

Impressive enough? Hopefully, it is. We don’t claim our BIN checker is the best. We show it!

How To Use Our BIN Checker Tool? || A Point By Point Guide

Here is where all the action happens! The following procedure will help you receive your BIN details –

  • Open up your computer. Open our BIN checker tool website. 
  • Once you are on the home page, you will notice an empty field. Just the one!
  • Take your credit card out. Make sure the card number is visible properly. You may not get the correct information if you don’t input the correct details.
  • Once done, look at the card number. Here, copy the first six digits exactly. Digit by digit! No mistakes!
  • After that, you may have to deal with captcha. Please bear with it and complete the verification process. Prove that you are a human!
  • Once done, click on ‘get details.’ 
  • That will conclude the BIN checking process. Now, you have to wait for the system to complete the process. 

And that’s how it’s done! If everything went correctly, you should’ve your BIN details. 

Signing Off

We hope that the BIN checker tool helped you recheck any BIN details. Further, please do not use these details for malicious purposes. We don’t want trouble for anyone, right?

That’s it from us today. Still, have queries? Drop them in the comments section. We will get back as soon as possible.