6 Best Podcasting Software for Windows in 2020


Podcast are nothing but audio files which are the digital equivalent to a radio program that is distributed through the web with RSS feeds. Nowadays, there are millions of podcasts that can be subscribed and play on any desktop, phone, tablet, or laptop. There are software called podcatchers or podcast managers that manage the podcast RSS feeds.

The 6 Best Podcasting Software for Listening Worldwide Channels in 2020

Podcasts are a good source of infotainment that covers just about any topic. Although the apple platform has more prevalence of podcasts softwares, there are still some great software available for Windows which are as follows;


Audacity is a user-friendly, multitrack audio editor and recorder for a lot of operating systems. A group of volunteers developed it as an open-source. It is a prevalent software for recording and editing sounds. It is free to use, and it also supports cross-platform usage, which means you can record your podcast on a window PC and can edit it on your Mac computer. Audacity podcast software also allows you to import or export almost all types of audio files.

  • Main features of Audacity are;
  1. Live audio recording.
  2. Convert into digital recording or CDs
  3. Edit EAV, MP2, MP3, AIFF, FLAC or Ogg Vorbis audio files.
  4. Supports various formats.
  5. Functions like cut, splice, mix, and copy available.
  6. Effects like speed or pitch.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts
  8. Export and import


This one is meant specially for those seasoned podcasters out there who are eager to go to the next level. Hindenburg is a cross-platform tool that is very versatile, and it is available in various variants. It also supports multitrack recording, and it is best suited for Skype interviews or calls. This Hindenburg is a storyteller’s dream as it is very fit for narrative podcast. It also comes with an automatic equalizer, which helps in maintaining a consistent sound.

  • Best features of Hindenburg are;
  1. Autocorrect audio.
  2. Noise reduction.
  3. Clipboard for organizing audio materials.
  4. Voice profiler for setting up an “on-air” voice automatically.
  5. Works on multiple devices.
  6. Coming feature
  7. Plugins


It is a new software for recording podcasts, which is suitable for both beginners as well as advanced podcasters. It is best suited for podcasters who work with remote guests. ZenCaster is especially useful for recording high-quality audio. Also, all interviews done in ZenCaster are edited automatically; such precious time is saved by avoiding file adjustment. The best thing about zencaster is that it can be connected with your Dropbox or Google Drive for easy access and editing.

  • Critical features of ZenCaster are;
  1. A separate track for each guest.
  2. Lossless WAV recording.
  3. Live editing
  4. Support voice chat.
  5. Cloud storage available.


This podcast software is a straightforward but potent tool, which can be used to record, edit, and publish your podcast. This software is very rich in effects, and so it is convenient for beginners as well as for podcasters who don’t have much time to work on recording and editing the audio.

  • The cast is available in three offers;
  1. Trail – free for one month.
  2. Hoppy – 10 dollars per month and
  3. Pro plan – for professionals.

Adobe Audition.

It is one of the oldest as well as one of the best audio editing software products in the market. Adobe audition is equipped with a vast range of sound editing and recording tools which enable its users to manipulate their recordings as well as any other audio files in any way they want. This feature gives the recorded track a crisp professional touch. It’s an excellent tool for any podcasters worthy of the name. Adobe audition is not free, but if you are looking for quality, it is the best option. A look at the audition list of features will show you that it includes everything a real podcaster would ever need.

  • Special features of Adobe audition are;
  1. Cross-platform tool
  2. Powerful sound effects
  3. Support more than 32 high-quality tracks
  4. It offers features for batch processing.


ProTools must be among the oldest podcast software in the market today, but it is also one of the best. This software is a feature-rich podcast tool that offers all the professional recording and editing tools. ProTools also offers multiple tracks mixing and adding effects to the record. Another great thing about ProTools is that it allows sharing through the Avid Link app. This software is best suited for professional or seasoned podcasters because it can be somewhat overwhelming for beginners.

  • Critical features of ProTools are;
  1. Cross-platform compatibility
  2. Support multitrack mixing
  3. Provide audio effects
  4. Cloud sharing and Avid Link app sharing.


All this podcast recording software products discussed above are top of the class audio recording and editing tools suited for both beginners and professional podcasters. All these products will help you in creating a high-quality podcast. Podcasts are about sharing ideas and enriching life. Tell your story with one of the podcasts, as mentioned earlier, recording software.



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