The 5 Best Keyloggers for Windows in 2020 [Free]


Keyloggers are devised to document each keystroke performed on the computers on which they are built. Some keyloggers by definition even trace which programs are running, and address information to the one who installed it without the user’s expertise, leading to the formulation of a transparent yet distinct method for supervising the activity. Information can then be fetched by the user running the logging program.

Clinging to the point that commercial keyloggers aren’t compulsorily actionable, as long as you’re the keeper of the system on which software is being operated. You may confront some significant, and possibly fair arguments if you’re not. Number of keylogging methods are present out of which some of the top picks for the best free keyloggers for Windows.

The Top 5 Keyloggers for Windows in 2020 Available for Free

The listed below are the best five keyloggers in the market available for Windows at a free price.


It is one of the most thorough free keyloggers out there, Kidlogger not only serve instructions of a keystroke to the parents, but also captures screenshots and webcam images every so often, when using telecommunication applications like skype.

Using kid bloggers, you can characterize a list of peculiar keywords or phrases, such as “drugs” or “sex”, which must be avoided by the children under age. One of the specific features of kidlogger is, it keeps track of the amount of the current time of the user and sends detailed reports to your inbox.

Revealer Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger memorizes every keystroke transcribed on a target system, without paying much attention to the programs that are in use, while also letting you personalize the application’s startup settings. The program also behaves unfamiliar in most of the situations and exaggerates password protection to boot.

The competency of unquestionably emailing reports is absolute to the premium package ($40), nevertheless the freemium the option should be availed for those who are more into the search for an easy way yet meaningful to log keystrokes.

Spyrix Keylogger

Even though spirit keylogger’s free version is lacking from some striking features, you can still operate it as it is one of the solid keyloggers. Spyrix provides you with the capability of capturing any keystrokes that are transcribed on the targeted system, along with this, it provides you with the privilege of taking screenshots once in a while.

The program appears in your system’s active procedures and the software’s install wrapper isn’t precisely covered, system admins can still protect the program to avoid undesirable changes. On top of that, you can even supervise portable flash drives and printers, or casually uninstall the software if needed.

Blackbox Express

If you’re in search of an entire keylogging service which provides the skill of tracking multiple computers, Blackbox Express is the viable option. Along with the ease of monitoring one local system, the software provides you with an ability to look up to 200 systems on the same network.

The software also offers all the critical operations you can expect from a standard keylogger, also with log keystrokes, capture screenshots, and supervising page visits and app management.

Blackbox Express also can alert via mails and texts whenever a user types a defined keyword. In addition to that, the interface and setup wizard make using it a breeze. Also, keep in mind that BlackBox Express does appear in the task manager as an active process.

DanuSoft Free Keylogger –

DanuSoft free keylogger is a strong program that features minimum bells and whistles. It provides low-profile supervisory, and logs user keystrokes while privately running in the background. The program desires administrator-created keywords to cover or display the application.

Unfortunately, the software remains evident in the system’s Task Manager, and neither there is a password protection option. DanuSoft Free Keylogger is acutely lightweight and convenient to use, which should call to trainee keylogger users.


Keyloggers are incredibly concerned about confidential information and are highly used for inspecting human-computer interaction. Taking the points as mentioned earlier into account, these were the best free keyloggers software present who possess vivid advantages.

Along with the advantages, there may be some countermeasures too. The keyloggers use a variety of methods to capture information, and the countermeasure needs to be effective against the particular information capturing way.



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