4 Best Credit Cards to Use in 2020   

best credit cards

Credit Cards have been our companions and savior for everything right from payment of that car EMI to binge shopping and all in between. They work in a a very convenient way.  And, burden-less pay-later characteristic of credit cards has got everyone going gaga over them. So much so that most of us own a bunch of best credit cards to be used for different things. 

You can carry multiple ones at a time, in your wallet, or the cardholders, which have become a thing nowadays. And pay a fixed amount after a month of spending as you like. Each one comes with a hoard of super exciting deals. It caught all the hype years back when we realized we could not pay for all the things we want at that instant. And hence, on credit!

There are so many temptations that come along with a credit card. If you’ve made up your mind to bestow the pleasure of a card upon yourself, I’ve got a list of best credit cards at your disposal. All you need to do is read on, to clear up your clouded thoughts on which one to get.

4 Best Credit Cards To Ease Transaction Work

The more you see, the more confusing it gets to choose a card from 50 or so cards. So I’ve taken the liberty to enlist the best credit cards to narrow it down for you.

Blue Cash Everyday

One card from AMEX, the name itself invokes trust. It gets amazing deals just a few clicks away on leading stuff like groceries, e-commerce sites like amazon, super-markets. And, essentials stores across the states. Talking about ‘how much,’ it’s 1% on mostly everything, with a percent worth’s increase in gas stations and then in super-markets, respectively.

Blue Cash Everyday
Blue Cash Everyday

Talking about bonus now, it has in store a hefty 150 dollars once you complete one grand worth purchases in the first couple of months. You won’t have to shell out a single penny for a year and three months. After that, it’s between 12 to 24% roughly, which obviously will be decided to keep in view your credibility.

It is one of the most recommended ones for those who dine in a different continent every few days. With a conversion fee as low as 2.7%, you can travel your heart out with one of Amex’s best credit cards in tow.

You’ll need a clean credit record for being able to get your hands on the one, as its one of the best credit cards. Hence, if you feel it’s not up-to-the-mark, I suggest you try somewhere else. 

Visit: Blue Cash Everyday

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Discover It-Student Cashback Card

After using your parent’s card for years, they’re finally allowing you to get your own? Obviously, you’d like to make a right choice for one of the best credit cards. ‘Discover it’ has got your back then.

Discover It-Student Cashback Card
Discover It-Student Cashback Card

It is a student-friendly card. There is no fee to start off with, for a period of half of a year, along with no late fees for any kind, which is unusual but convenient. But then you might have to submit a nominal to not-so-nominal 13 to 22%. Also, to encourage continuous studying among students, if you get a higher score than 3.0, you are awarded credit worth 20 dollars. The scheme is valid for every year you go to school, for a period spanning over five years.

Another benefit, it aids breezy deactivation or freezing of your account to ensure no new transactions. Also, it is rated above four at most rating platforms.

Visit: Discover It-Student Cashback Card

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Wells Fargo Propel by Amex

American Express is hitting the nail right on the head, with the best credit cards. It aims at what people exactly need and want. The Well Fargo propel opens a hoard of potential for earning points, with no dollars to be paid for taking up the brand of card.

Wells Fargo Propel by Amex
Wells Fargo Propel by Amex

You could end-up with a whooping 200 dollars in the form of 20k points if you shell out a thousand dollars in less than three months’ time.

For those who are always in love with their phones. And thus, end up taking hundreds of dollars worth insurance policies. The card can prove more useful for you if you do your recharges using it, it covers up damage and stealth risks for your little friend. The amount we’re talking about here is like 500-600 dollars. It can equip you with a new latest one, should you ever claim the amount.

But wait, there is more on one of the best credit cards out for the business. The card comes with nada conversion expenses and a profit of 3 points behind every single dollar you shell out in diners, traveling by air, taxis, pumps, etc.

Visit: Wells Fargo Propel by Amex

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Chase Sapphire Reserve

The chase credit card has made it to the count of the best credit cards, owing to one queer yet highly appreciated feature. On each year’s completion of your account, you get back 300 dollars for the amount deducted on traveling. However, it has got a substantial yearly expense of fifty and five hundred dollars, still with all it offers; it is totally worth the money. On a total of 4k dollars spent, you are in luck to win, 750 dollars, which converts to 50k US dollars. (read huge).

Chase Sapphire Reserve
Chase Sapphire Reserve

Other attractions comprise of Nil abroad traveling fee, 3 points on the side of every single dollar on dining-outs. And, a single point on the rest of it. At a payable amount varying from 17 to 24%, it is a tad bit on the expensive side. But, it does get you access to the most splendid lounges at the airport. As a cherry on top!

Visit: Chase Sapphire Reserve

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Concluding Best Credit Cards

So whether you’re on your nth credit card or just beginning the ride with your first one, the catalog hosting the best credit cards is supposed to work equally well for everyone. All of them have many in-demand big-time saver characteristics along with top-notch trustworthy brand names to account for. Refer to this article to know about best credit card generator tools to produce random card details for you without any hassle. 

So what are we waiting for? Read the article and start binge-shopping with your card. Also, do wait up for more such articles.


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