Top 3 Best Cash Back Cards of 2020

best cash back cards
best cash back cards

Rewards and Benefits, in any form, are much-enjoyed and looked forward to. They’re especially welcome when money is being deducted from one end. Then they’re like a blessing in disguise—a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. The analogy goes perfectly with credit cards, especially the ones who come bearing gifts (literally). On that thought, I had been keeping an eye out for the best cash back cards. I mean, you won’t dread having to pay off your bills at the end of every month or taking out your card for making a payment at some outlet. All of that, when you know, it’ll benefit you in some way or the other. That is what cash back is all about. Surprise Bonuses!

A Cash back is when you get a fraction of what you spend credited back to you. It could be in the form of coupons, some credit benefits on the total of savings each month, or cash rewards. All of that means more dollars to spend, whether its those kicks you’ve been eyeing on or that super fancy Thai restaurant.

You can reap the fruits of your expenses, that, only and only if you earn one of the best cash back cards and reduce unnecessary expenses. Not to mention the showoff you can do in front of your friends about having one of the coolest and best cash back cards.

3 Best Cash Back Cards Worth Considering Today!

If you can’t reduce your spending, you could always neutralize that by gaining something out of what you spend. All you have to do is upgrade your card to one falling under the best cash back cards category. And sit back while it floods your account every month with all sorts of benefits. 

U.S Bank Cash Plus Visa Credit Card

I’ll state one thing beforehand, to be able to own any of the cards, you should have a good repo with the bank or whoever provides you the card. Also, it is imperative to have a credit score near and above 700. If you don’t have that, I suggest you focus on achieving that.

U.S Bank Cash Plus Visa Credit Card
U.S Bank Cash Plus Visa Credit Card

Now, first thing first, you get perks with 150 dollars, once in a period spanning to the quarter of a year, you spend half a thousand dollars. The amount is by folds less than what other brands require you to pay.

Now, the fun part. It allows you to choose things of your choice. And you get a cash back of 5% on them once you spend 2k on them, in, like three months. So you could go for the ones you think you spend on, the most! Similarly, you could pick the categories on which you’d like to gain a 2% reward.

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And the 1% will apply to all things eligible for the same. Not to mention the 5% you’ll get scratched off once you shell out a hefty 8000 dollars bill, in an annual year. Furthermore, if you got a gift-card worth some dollars, you’d need to collect a couple of them, to be able to get something from it. That is because there is that min amount limitation.

But that isn’t an issue on other modes. While we’re at it, the card carries no yearly payable amount on its head, do you need more reasons to believe it one of the best cash back cards?. 

Also, you aren’t supposed to pay any interest for year 1 of taking it up, after that, you’ll be paying 14 to 24% at the most.

Visit: U.S Bank Cash Plus Visa Credit Card

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Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Quicksilver by CapitalOne offers rewards that are as shining as tempting as its name. Again, you get can lucky to win a fifty and a hundred dollars worth rewards in a quarter if you can cross the 500 dollars threshold. With a monthly payable amount between 15 to 25%, it still retains its spot for the best cash back cards race. As there is no annual thing to shell out, neither is there anything additional for the transactions related to abroad.

Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card
Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Also, daily, you get a half and one percent of rewards on each transaction. No matter if you buy clothes from amazon or eatables from 24/7 stores. Or even if you get a refill for your car.

And no, there are no fees for transferring money.

Visit: Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Chase freedom

Chase is one brand that has been blooming and being looked up for by people looking for top-notch cards for possession. And then next thing you know, it has made it to the list of the best cash back cards we’ve compiled. You get a booming 1% scratched off on everything you get your hands on!

Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom

Furthermore, you’ll add 5 points to your sash for every single dollar that you spend till the dollars amount to a thousand and five hundred. That, on categories which change every once in a while, for instance, for a period spanning over three months, it will be applicable on gas refills and traveling, for the next it could be groceries, for another, it could be daily items or clothing and shoes. In that way, it being one of the best cash back cards, covers everything from essentials to luxury.

Also, there is no concept which requires you to have a fixed number of points at least piled up, to be able to use them. Within the first two months of your association with the brand, you’ll have to shell out a fee. That, when you send the amount to and fro between chase and some other card. For the said time, it’ll either b 3% of what you’re transferring or 5 dollars. The one to be applied will be the higher one.

After the assigned period ends, the 3% rise to become 5%. The list of the benefit goes on and on.

The chase underwrites you for all the products/services you acquired using it for full forth months and what amounts to a hefty half a thousand dollars. That, too, for each product that has been damaged, stolen or harmed in any way whatsoever.

Visit: Chase freedom

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It harms no one to know the technologies. Products and tools around you well, neither does it cost you anything. But knowledge and tactics about finance can give you an edge. For instance, if you have the knowledge about the best cash back cards, you’ll end up saving a fortune. Otherwise, you may fall short of buying things you love or need. 

Better safe than sorry! So read the article, take your pick, and start saving! Also, we would love to hear any feedback.

Do stay tuned for more such content.


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