3 Best Business Credit Cards In 2020

best business credit cards

When businesses become huge and demand more of your attention, it becomes a headache to manage their expenses. The best one can do to deal with keeping away your personal expenses. That way, the money you mean to spend on one won’t intermingle with the other. So, it’d be nice to keep different cards for household/personal stuff and for your business. What I suggest is choosing the best business credit cards to make your business transactions. It helps if both of those go on in isolation of each other.

Let us be real; having one card for both personal and business-related stuff can wreck things badly. If you have separate cards, then it’ll be easy to oversee which funds are going where. And thus it’ll be easier to manage them. So why not?

Why Go For Business Credit Cards?

Apart from the fact that it’s more convenient, it is the professional way of doing things. It will keep your business expenditures in check. Again, keeping them out of the way of your personal ones.

Furthermore, these best business credit cards offer hoards of benefits, which can help the business get out of a financial crisis. And make progress despite any circumstances.

business credit cards
Business Credit Cards

Owning a business, irrespective of the size, makes you eligible for getting your hands on the best business credit cards. 

Coming to the documents or pre-requisites, it is totally dependent on the card issuer. Some of them might issue you their best business credit cards without asking for any details. They might ask for a valid aadhar number or a social security number, in the least while others may ask for proof of business or other documents like bank statements, in addition to the basic documents.

3 Best Business Credit Cards To Make It To Your List

Now, I’ll be listing the best business credit cards that offer fascinating benefits and top-ups. And they get you never-seen-before offers. Let us see what they are and what they offer.

HDFC Platinum Card

Worldwide acceptance adds to it becoming one of the best business credit cards. Among many attractive benefits, it provides you special access to top-notch lounges at some of the best airports. You will also get cashback on overseas and local purchases using the HDFC credit card. Furthermore, go interest-free for a period of full 50 days.

Also, there isn’t any need to pay a dime in case your card gets lost. Let me spell out how the cashback in one of the best business credit cards works.

hdfc platinum card
HDFC Platinum Card
  • If you purchase items of more than 10k from overseas, then you get flat 1000Rs off on that.
  • 1% off if your bank statement is of more than 50k.
  • 0.5% off on bank statement worth 10k and more.
  • If the owner makes a transaction worth 2100 Rs or more, on the Myntra app, then you can avail a 10% discount.
  • Use the promo code ALHDFC and get a 10% discount when you ride with Zoomcar using your HDFC card.

Amex Blue Credit Card

Amex is pretty admirable for offering the best business credit cards. The company specializes in credit card related and other financial services. It compensates for the lack of entry benefits by allowing you not to pay anything for a year.

At the commencement of the second year, you have to pay the Annual Percentage Rate regularly. You have to pay between 13 to 19%. How much? Well, that’ll depend on factors like your credibility. So, you’d better pay your dues on time.

amex blue credit card
Amex Blue Credit Card

The owners of the card are in for cashback of around 2% on the buyings worth of 50,000 dollars for a period of the whole year. Over that worth, you’ll still be able to avail 1% cashback. What is more convenient?

The money, the company, credits the amount along with your statement. It also covers anything payable for a period of 3 months, applicable to all articles, Whether you lost them. Or damaged them in some way, or someone steals them. Keeping in view all of it, it is no wonder that it has made to the list of the best business credit cards of all time.

Citi business AAdvantage Select Mastercard

The users claim it to be one of the best business credit cards out there. It comes in variants like gold, platinum, etc. The platinum version offers a range of gains at your disposal. The one that stands out is the bonus you get for getting the card. Once you spend 4000 dollars within four months, you get 65000 miles to redeem in any class of American Airlines.

citi business aadvantage select mastercard
Citi business AAdvantage Select Mastercard

What more? Let us see.

  • A discount of 25% when you use the wifi available in the flight when traveling in American Express.
  • Get 2x benefits on every 1 dollar that you spend while purchasing anything on American Airlines.
  • 1x when you purchase other things worth every 1 dollar.
  • To aid your traveling cost and to cut off extra expenses, you get free of cost services. On the check of first of all your bags while you travel on American Airlines.


So those were some of the top business credit cards which are capable of saving a lot for you. Well, they say the money saved is money earned. Hence, if you cut out unnecessary expenses and, on the other hand, gain something. It can take your business to another level.

So you should carefully choose when deciding to apply for a card. Check out my list of the best business cards and pick the one that you think suits you.

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