6 Best 2D Animation Software of 2020


2D Animation Software have been much in demand for years. There are various tools available in market but we have selected some of the best tools that can enlighten your skills and make you an artist pretty soon! If you want to know how then, read the below article and try using the best tool that suits your demands.

The 6 Best 2D Animation Software for Improving Your Skills

The animation is the best tool, to tell your story and one of the most prominent visual arts forms, today. That is why to ease your work, we have collected a few and some of the best 2D Abimation Software of 2020.

Synfig Studio

It is a free, open-source 2D animation software that is most exceptional for beginners. The studio delivers two versions for all the operating systems, stable versions, and experimental versions. The stable version is well tested and sufficient version for day-to-day projects. The preliminary version offers an excellent opportunity to try some brand new features. It allows more than 50 layers to create simple as well as complex and attractive animations.


  • Advanced control- Easily link parameters of various layers through mathematical expression or directly. This feature helps you to create a dynamic character.
  • Bones- This Highly-featured system allows you to create cutout animation using bitmap images
  • Layers and filters- Choose from various types of sheets- gradient, geometric, distortion, filters, fractals, transformation, and others
  • Vector tweening- modify any vector shape into another easily.

Stop motion studio

It is dominant and straightforward to use the software. It comes with a dozen of breathtaking effects to enhance or completely change the view of your animations. The studio has numerous built-in features to improve the quality of the movie. The unique frame-by-frame display shows you all the images you took in chronological order, which make it easier to edit, remove, cut, and paste the clips. Wide range of ready to use sound effects and music clips are available to make your animation movie engrossing. It is possible for iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS as well as android and Microsoft Windows.


  • Inbuilt image editor to adjust color levels, composition, or to apply filters, etc.
  • Remove unwanted objects with the help of magic eraser
  • Grid and onion skin control to position animated objects more precisely
  • A wonderful tool to design adorable tittle and credit screens
  • Green screen or Chroma keying helps you to change the background of your scene to make the figures stunning.


It is an open-source 2D animation software program. It is free and can be used both commercially and for non-commercial purposes. This software is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. It can be used in various types of scenes, such as professional production, amateur production, and school production. It hosts a lot of functions to edit or transform your animations and clips. Features can be easily customized as per the requirement of the user. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


  • GTS, a scanning tool, is compatible with four types of scanning (black and white, colored, with or without binarization.)
  • Digital painting can deliver smooth operations even with high definition image data.
  • Filming- It is possible to use more no of the effects by using plug-ins.
  • It is also compatible with both raster and vector images.
  • Available in the localized Japanese version.

Adobe Animate

It is the most effective software in design vector graphics and animation. With Animate, you create all your asset design and coding right inside the app. It allows you to sketch and draw more expressive characters. Free trial of Adobe Animate for one month is available. Animate comprises of premium and eye-catching user interface, thus making it the most preferred software among animators. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


  • Fluid Brushes- Helps you to express yourself freely with new vector brushes in countless types of styles.
  • Onion Skinning- Draw novel frames of animation directly on top of previous frames.
  • Infographics- Produce animated charts that fetch presentations to life.
  • Layer parenting- Work with a streamlined tool for rigging and adapting animated characters.

Moho Pro

It is an all-in-one 2D animation software. It is a tool for professionals and digital artists. It comes with a new and enhanced pro-only feature. It has everything that you will prerequisite to expand your animation. This software has been used around the world to form amazing animations in professional studios, agencies, and also for non-commercial tenacities.


  • Bitmap frame by frame proficiencies, it correspondingly optimizes your experience by creating a storyboard.
  • Bitmap freehand drawing tools create unique textures and effects for the characters and objects you create using built-in default bitmap brushes. Permits you to control bitmap brush output based on velocity, direction, and pressure.
  • Custom bitmap brush creation gives your animation the exact style you desire.
  • Freedom to create brushes with the look and behavior you need for your project by editing a variety of brush settings.

Toon Boom Harmony

It is a professional 2D animation software. It allows you to generate artwork, animate, add special effects and sound, composite, and do final production all in the same tool. It can also be termed as the most intelligent and artistic software for designing and executing the frames precisely. It contains all the tools required to handle cutout, paperless frame-by-frame, and traditional animation workflows from scanning to compositing and 2D integration. Users can draw animation directly into the software, using plentiful and supportive features. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OSX.


  • Advanced color palettes with efficient control over texture and color on every single frame.
  • Free Form Deformer sanctions you to create cutout animation from rubber hose to hand-drawn looks.
  • Harmony is designed to integrate with additional software in a production pipeline.
  • Drawing accuracy made simple with Isometric perspective guide.



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